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Our services  can be summed up in two categories, for those needing   build a fashion product  and for those who are retailers.

·          For building  a fashion product the office furnishes complete service from the first sketch , through construction and prototype building to samples and finally the finished product, which entails the research into finding the factory, following all stages of product development, following through to the production stage, quality control, supervision of documentation, until the goods are shipped to destination.
·         For retailers  we offer our services of market research for the category of product required, we accompany the buyers to the factories and the trade fairs and subsequently follow up on the samples and purchase orders placed, the production and quality control and supervision of shipment documentation and timely execution.
Our long established knowledge and port-folio of suppliers enables us to be in touch with all of the most current fashion trends in materials and style and thus give guidance and support to our customers before the tendencies are seen in the international trade fairs. To conclude, our organization supplies an all inclusive service to give the maximum assistance in every step needed to create a fashion line or purchase fashion goods and be sure of success.